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Our Provably Fair system works on generating two seeds that are then combined and used to determine winning ticket in a game. This design doesn't allow anyone to predict the outcome of a game.

The first seed is generated by our site, this seed is created at the start of a game and then hashed. This hash is then displayed for all users to see regardless whether a games is finished or not.

The second seed is generated by at the end of the round. For each seed we get from they increment serial number value, this means that we cannot make multiple requests to to get a favorable result as that would leave a gap between serial numbers. You can verify the authenticity of the data we get from them on their site.

In a situation where is down only the first seed is used to determine the winner

The two seeds are combined together with a hyphen in the middle and converted to a number that is then used as a seed for pseudo-random number generator, this is the code that is used to generate winning ticket, with the correct values it should give you the same result:

package main

import (

func main() {
	var (
		totalTickets int64
		seed         int64
        // total value of tickets in a round; 1 ticket = $0.01
        // ex. the round total value is $12.58 so fill out this
        //  variable with 1258
	totalTickets = 
        // this variable is a combination of site secret and seed
        // ex. this site secret is "0t9ce7FkdV" and seed is "fu2joonmgv3jl20-0016"
        //  fill out this variable with "0t9ce7FkdV-fu2joonmgv3jl20-0016"
	mod := ""

	for _, r := range mod {
		seed = int64(r) + (seed << 6) + (seed << 16) - seed
	winningTicket := rand.Int63n(totalTickets) + 1

	fmt.Printf("Winning ticket is: %d", winningTicket)
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